Discover the INCREDIBLE Power of Your Emotions

Welcome to EQ for ALL where we help you to understand yourself and the people in your life by developing your EQ (Emotional Intelligence).

Discover who you really are

Get to know yourself, so you can be yourself. Nothing feels better than being Authentically You.

Be the person you were born to be 

Love who you are, feel comfortable in your own skin. It's your choice, and right, to express yourself and share your talents the way you want to.

Understand the people in your life

No one likes conflict, control nor disagreements. Learn to understand and to get on with the people in your life.

Live the life of your dreams

Do what you love! The only 'thing' standing in the way of living life your way, is you. Earning money should feel like fun, not like a chore. You can get paid for being you.

Have the relationships you long for  

Life is all about relationships. You can have fantastic relationships with EVERYONE in your life, your partner, parents, children and boss.

Freedom | Money | Happiness

How does Being EQ Change Your Life?

Everything you do in life, every decision you make, every action you take, is based on your emotions.

Your emotions have the ability to either enhance your life, or to devastate it.  When you 'be-friend' your emotions, you will realise that it's like having your very own built-in GPS system. Your emotions can tell you when you are on or off track, and whether you or a loved one are safe.
As you learn how to stop ignoring, suppressing and resisting your emotions, and learn to speak their language, your life will unfold and transform beyond your wildest dreams.

There is so much more to developing Emotional Intelligence than you realise and, it's so much easier than you think.
At EQ for All, we have developed a simple, yet wonderful process for you to learn everything there is to know about yourself, and your emotions. We will teach you the science behind how your body and brain create your emotions, how to regulate your emotions, and how to understand what your emotions are telling you.

How we can help you to be more EQ?

Advice and Support

This is our online service where you have access to our counsellors, therapists, and coaches. They will answer all those niggly questions you may have - whether it relates to your relationship, health, or parenting concerns, help is at hand. 


Our qualified tutors are available to teach your children the essential life skills they need to be prepared for life’s ups and downs.  Emotional intelligence, social skills and more.  All our tutors are hand-picked, vetted, and assessed to make sure they are qualified before they become accredited. 


This service is for anyone who needs more intensive help and support. Our coaches will help you to heal and recover from bullying, abuse and trauma. You will learn how to deal with anxiety and fear, and build up your confidence and courage.


You will complete our online EQ course and become an accredited children’s tutor. The training includes free lesson plans and activities for you to use in your classroom.  ESL and TEFL teachers love our lesson plans as they can teach English and Emotional Intelligence at the same time!


Books to help children develop their Emotional Intelligence 
Ages 3 - 10

Now one big happy family

Our UK Partner

Teddy's Inc. EQ for Kids

Deborah McPhilemy

Our Ambassadors and EQ Resources for 3 - 10 year olds