We help children to Get Social Again.  We work alongside Teachers and Parents to implement Emotional Intelligence Life Skills into children's lives and into their classrooms.

The Team

Deborah McPhilemy

Author | Master Trainer | Counsellor | Speaker

"Discovering Emotional Intelligence in 2003 was the best thing that ever happened to me! I was able to heal from trauma, anxiety and abuse. I now enjoy my life to the fullest. Helping my children to develop their Emotional Intelligence is the reason they were able to completely recover from bullying, anxiety, loss and the after effects of divorce. I'm so passionate about EQ and believe it's the solution to all the world's Emotional, Social and Mental Health problems. 

Eve Kelly

EQ Tutor Trainer | Lesson Plan Creator for 4 - 10 Year Olds

“I take pride in being a very nurturing person. I have a nursing background, but found my real passion in Early Learning Development. The sooner we can teach our children to become emotionally intelligent, the stronger their emotional foundation will be. I also understand the importance of learning through play. Learning to be Emotionally Intelligent should always be exciting & fun.”

Paul McPhilemy

“I was introduced to Emotional Intelligence when I met my wife in 2010, I never knew it existed until then.  As a man I never felt I could talk about my emotions or express them openly. Growing up with being told to 'man-up' and 'be strong' was the norm.  But wow, learning to understand and express my emotions has taught me to have real honest relationships. Being true to myself has made me a better man, husband, father, grandfather, son and brother.  If you want to have better relationships, then I highly recommend that you become EQ."

Pamela Candido

Special Education Expert / Consultant | Teacher Trainer

"I love learning and interacting with people as it stimulates that expansion within myself. I am passionate about working with people who have different needs;  Special Ed, Autism, Asperger’s, SPD and ADD / ADHD. Nothing fulfills me more than helping people to fit into this world and know that no matter what, they too belong and are loved and accepted."

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