Do All Comedians Struggle with Mental Health?

Chantal Jax opens up about using humour as a coping mechanism, and the impact that it has on our ability to deal with the root cause of mental health.

“I would like to normalise talking about serious issues.” – Chantal Jax

My conversation with professional comedian Chantal Jax was one of my most favourite interviews thus far. Many comedians, just like us, have a lot of mental health struggles and they use comedy as a front. Is laughter truly the best medicine? I was interested to learn from Chantal aka Jax about the emotions that draws one to working as a comedian.

Jax was very open about her mental health struggles and said that the reason that comedy gravitated towards her is that she would use it as a tool to deflect. She also made a valid point in that “we sometimes use humour to make a mockery of the things that hurt us, and we do not deal properly with it properly.”

Jax’s words, “We carry a façade even when we get off stage” really struck me. I can totally relate to this as somebody who has been in the Emotional Intelligence field for 18 years. People will always critisise me when I am having an emotional or bad day. Just because I understand my emotions, does not mean that I do not feel them. We are all human beings at the end of the day, and no one is perfect.

Jax has been on an incredible life journey of discovering, growing, and nurturing her talent as a comedian. Exposing oneself to the public eye is a brave and difficult thing to do. I remember the criticism I got when I wrote my first book. I was virtually bullied for divulging my struggles with abuse. It is beautiful to learn that we all deserve a moment in the limelight, should we have the opportunity. There is room for us all to thrive; just because my light is shining bright, it does not mean that yours cannot. We need to take pride in our accomplishments. One of the greatest gifts that I have ever learnt is that in those cases, the negative emotions that you are feeling are because of somebody else’s envy.

At the end of the day, we all suffer from the same things and we all have problems; it is the severity of these problems that differ. It is scary to be yourself all the time, but it takes a lot of bravery. YOU ARE ENOUGH. Jax is extremely open about her life, her struggles, and her journey, and she uses comedy as a tool to educate people on mental health. Laughter may not always solve one’s problems but from a physiological point of view and as an educational tool, it has immense value. Let us use our original learning tool TEQLTM to understand our emotions so that we can experience joy on a whole new level. For the full interview with Chantel Jax, please follow this link: You do not want to miss this one.

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With much love and big bear hugs
Deborah McPhilemy x