Exceptional Coaching for Adults and Children

Adult Coaching

As parents and educators, we, too, carry past negative experiences and the heavy weight that comes with the stresses of day-to-day life. Our coaches are here not only to help you manage your own personal challenges, but also to give you the necessary tools to help your children thrive.

This program provides you with one-on-one weekly interactions with your coach and access to all the necessary resource material to assist you in getting the most out of our program. 

Kids Coaching

2-in-1 Kids Coaching EQ Programme 

In addition to our kids tutoring program, our coaches are available to work with your little ones to help them overcome traumatic events. Trauma can leave deep scars, play a major role in one’s mental health later on in life, and can have a negative effect on one’s future relationships and career. It is important, therefore, that trauma is dealt with at a young age so that these effects are minimised.

Whether your child has experienced a severe trauma, a death of a loved one, bullying, or is struggling with peer pressure, a combination of our tutoring and coaching program will help them overcome it and go on to live healthy lives and to thrive.  

Signing your child up for our combination package of tutoring and coaching will mean 60-minute weekly sessions to deal with the trauma at hand and then develop their Emotional Intelligence life skills to help prevent, or cope, with life's inevitable ups and downs.

Our Coaches

 Deborah McPhilemy 

Location: UK & South Africa
Works with: Children & Adults
Works as: EQ Master, Relationship & Parenting Coach 

“I am passionate about empowering as many people as possible, with the skills to improve the quality of their lives, and relationships. I am particularly passionate about empowering children with emotional and social skills from an early age and working with disempowered women.”

 Kay Robinson 

Location: UK
Works with: Children and Adults
Works as: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner

“I wish everyone knew about EFT and the difference it can make to your life. It has certainly changed mine.  I would love to show you how you can use this amazing gentle technique to help you to release blocked uncomfortable emotions. EFT is becoming more widely known and is even being used in schools now.  It is suitable for both adults and children." 

 Helen Zeida 

Location: UK
Works with: Children and Adults
Works as: EQ Tutor, Life coach, EFT and Matrix Practitioner

“Your future is only as bright as you imagine it to be. Your personal and emotional development is my priority. When you feel better, you think better and do better. Feeling good is essential, contagious, and it makes the world a better place. Let me teach you how to feel your absolute best, because when you feel amazing, I feel amazing too.”

 Roland Rennie 

Location: South Africa
Works with: Adults
Works as: EQ Master & Coach

“I am passionate about human relations and communication. I believe that communicating correctly is the key to success. I am particularly passionate about helping men to ‘find themselves’ again. To feel comfortable expressing their emotions and showing them just how powerful it is and how being able to do this impacts and transforms your relationships and your life.”

Kevin Hartley

Location: UK
Works with: Adults
Works as: Coach

“Sometimes even a hero needs a hero. I believe that the mental health of military personal is equally or more important than their physical health. As a veteran you have seen things you do not know how to deal with on an emotional level. Let me help you work through the trauma so that you can continue to protect the rest of us from all the bad in this world.”

 Rachel Ward 

Location: UK
Works with: Children and Adults  
Works as: EQ Tutor & Coach

“I am particularly passionate about supporting those who have experienced narcissistic/emotional abuse. My passion and motivation stem from my personal experience. By becoming emotionally intelligent I learnt to love myself again, I developed a strong understanding of emotional health, and grew into the best version of myself. Let me help you to do the same."

 Pam Candido  

Location: UK
Works with: Children and Adults  
Works as: Special Needs Coach

"I love learning and interacting with people as it stimulates that expansion within myself. I am passionabe about working with people who have different needs; Special Ed, Autism, Asperger’s, SPD and ADD / ADHD. Nothing fulfills me more than helping people to fit into this world and know that no matter what, they too belong and are loved and accepted."

Lois Wagner

Location: South Africa and online
Works with: Children and Adults  
Works as: Coach and mentor for forgiveness and healing from trauma

I am your friend for forgiveness, helping you move from victim to survivor to thriver and beyond to freedom, after facing a life or business challenge or adversity.  I guide you to build your resilience and grit, to develop a growth mindset, to energise your mojo, and to forgive.  I am accomplished Speaker (TEDX), Storyteller (Author), Mentor, Inspirer, Learning facilitator and Empowering coach through the a Acronym – SMILE.

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