Emotional Intelligence in a Nutshell e-Book

Book Description

Everything you do in life, who you become, what you do, how you behave  is based on your emotions and how you feel about yourself.  Our emotions  help us, guide us and talk to us.  They also help you to tune into intuition, to keep you safe.

All emotions are completely natural,  we are all born with them, yet we have been taught that it’s not good  to express emotion, that we should supress them, ignore them and that  some of them are even bad!   But, ignoring or supressing them does not  help us, it harms us!

Anxiety, bullying, suicide and depression  is on the rise. Children feel misunderstood, isolated, sad and alone and  they don’t have a clue how to change it. But you can help them, this  book will help you to understand emotions so that you can help them to  understand and express theirs.

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