Attention Teachers and Tutors
who teach SEL and  Life Skills to children aged 4 - 10 years old

Training and Resources to develop childrens Emotional Intelligence and build their Mental Strength.
Emotional and Mental Health Safeguarding at it's Best!

Children are struggling right now. Anxiety, depression, fear and bullying are all causing severe mental health issues. Parents and teachers often don't have the resources, or the know-how, to help. But we do! We exist to help schools and parents to help children to deal with these emotions and to give them the skills and tools needed to cope, and to deal with, any adversity that may come their way.  Together we can stop mental health issues from becoming life-long mental health problems.  

Why it's essential to develop a child's Emotional Intelligence

All emotions are completely natural, we are all born with them, yet we have been taught that it's not good to express our feelings, that we should ignore them, supress them and that some of them are even bad!

When we ignore or suppress our emotions, we end up with Mental Health issues!

To avoid Mental Health issues becoming a life-long problem, we need to be able to understand our emotions, to know why we have them, where they're coming from and how to express them.
At Getting Kids Social Again, we do just that!
We help you to help your children, the children you teach, or the children in your care to develop their Emotional Intelligence and in the process alleviate and prevent Mental Health Issues.

Emotional Intelligence Training

for educators, parents, schools, coaches, tutors and education centres

Resources: Books, Lesson Plans and Activities created for you

fun, easy to use and children love them

Support and Expert Advice

no more sleepless nights wondering 'how to'

to give ALL children a chance to have a life that is not affected by life long mental health problems

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