Become a TEQL Tutor and Teach Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

EQ - The World's Most
IN-DEMAND skill!

Become a TEQL Tutor or Coach and make a real difference to childrens lives.  Children who have a high EQ have a great advantage in life! It sets them up with the life skills necessary for success at school, for their career, for friendships and relationships, for a healthy mind, their health and life in general.

Our teaching method, which we call TEQL (TEQL - Teach EQ as a Language), is fun, interactive and incredibly effective.  Whether you are an existing Tutor, Coach or Teacher or are just starting out, teaching TEQL is a wonderful way to impact childrens lives.

Training takes place online and can be completed on any device so you can fit it in around your life and your schedule.  Once you have completed your training and received your certificate, you will receive instructions to register with our accrediting body.  

As a Certified and Accredited EQ Practitioner you will be able to offer tuition and coaching for Emotional Intelligence Development Skills to children and adults.

What They Say!

TEQL Tutor Business in a Box

Becoming a TEQL Tutor is affordable and easy. Your once off fee includes:

  • Online Training (can be completed in 6 - 12 weeks, it's up to you.)
  • Certification and Accreditation
  • Everything you need to teach children between the ages of 4 - 10; Lesson Plans, Activities, a Workbook, Powerpoint Presentations.
  • Membership for one year to our TEQL Tutor Group where you will receive unlimited support from our experts plus additional soft skills / personal development training. Membership renews after one year at a nominal fee which will then also give you access to additional lesson plans for tweens and teens.  
  • Bonus training on specific subjects; anxiety, bullying, building confidence, autism, ADD/ADHD, etc. etc. 
As a Certified and Accredited EQ Tutor you will be able to offer tuition for Emotional Intelligence Development Skills to pupils aged between 4-10 years. (Lesson Plans and material to teach tweens and teenagers will be available early 2022 for an additional fee.)
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